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Johnson Roofing & Construction carries three lines of gutter guard protectors, each with its own benefits. We assess your roof and will advise as to the most appropriate solution tailored for your home, ensuring your gutter system stays clean and free of leaves and debris. No more annual cleanings, no more overflowing gutters, no more water infiltration problems!


Not all gutter guards are the same. For example, solid gutter covers are great for keeping out small debris, such as needles and whirly birds (which can often get caught in screens and some covers), but solid covers may have a hard time operating effectively with steep pitched roofs or during heavy rainfall. Johnson Roofing & Construction carries three gutter guard products and your representative will asses your individual property to make the best recommendation for your home.

Gutter Guard System

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Shur Flo Gutter Protection System

The Shur Flo gutter protection system offers a simple, cost-effective solution for protecting your gutter system from clogging with leaves and debris. The patented perforated gutter panels have small enough holes that leaves and debris cannot enter the gutter system, while still allowing large volumes of water to enter the gutters. Also, the low-profile makes these gutter protectors virtually invisible from ground level.

Leaf Logic Gutter Protection System The Leaf Logic gutter protection system is similar to Shur Flo in that the aluminum panels are perforated to keep leaves and debris out while allowing large volumes of water in. The difference with Leaf Logic is in its rounded design, which helps to shed smaller debris from collecting on top of the panel. Again, the low-profile design of the Leaf Logic gutter protection system makes it virtually invisible from ground level. If your home experiences a lot of small debris, such as pine needles and whirly birds, the Leaf Logic gutter protection system may be right for you.

Leaf Proof Gutter Protection System The LeafProof system is a solid gutter cover protection system. This premium protection system works by forcing everything to pass over the cover, including water which will then flow back into the gutter (because of surface tension) while everything else is kept out of the gutters. The LeafProof system is great when there are large amounts of small debris that can get caught in other types of gutter protection systems, such as screens. This is particularly useful for pine needles and whirly birds. Additionally, LeafProof even offers heated gutter protection systems for homes that are prone to ice dams.
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