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DaVinci Roofscapes roofing systems are high end, premium products that exude the ultimate in luxury and style. Adding a DaVinci roof sets your home apart from others in the neighborhood, in both appearance and durability. Johnson Roofing & Construction installers are certified in the DaVinci Master Contractors program so you can rest assure that your premium DaVinci roofing system will be installed by a premium installation crew.

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Installation of DaVinci polymer roofing tiles are affordable and cost effective as compared to traditional wood shake and quarried slate. Tiles are delivered in pre-sorted condition, removing the need for installation crews to hand split shakes or juggle slate for uniform color variance. DaVinci tiles are also much lighter than traditional materials, allowing installation crews to save time on movement and placement on field surfaces and removing the need for additional roof support structures commonly needed with quarried stone and slate. Finally, DaVinci tiles will not break like natural slate tiles, diminishing material waste. All Johnson Roofing & Construction DaVinci installation crews are certified through DaVinci's Masters Contractor program, ensuring you get the best installation for your premium DaVinci roofing system.

DaVinci roofing tiles offers the only maintenance free roofing system currently available on the market. Each tile is crafted from a high-quality, virgin resin polymer. These synthetic tiles are non-porous, meaning the tiles will not absorb water and thus cannot freeze and crack. Each tile is embedded with UV color stabilizers, eliminating worry of color fade. The polymer also will not curl, crack, peel, or fade, and they are not susceptible to bacteria growth or insect infestation. DaVinci is truly a no worry roofing system.

DaVinci roofing tiles have received the highest possible rating for fire, wind, and impact resistance. All DaVinci roofing tiles have Class 4 UL 2218 impact rating (some insurers offer a discount for using a Class 4 IR shingle), Class A ASTM E 108 fire rating, ASTM D 3161 110 MPH wind rating, and offer a limited lifetime warranty. Simply put, a DaVinci roofing system is the best, worry free roof on the market.

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